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A bootable CD that contains software which will allow you to repair, restore, or diagnose any computer problem; it's based on Bart’s PE Builder


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Bootable recovery CDs are a wonderful solution for system breakdowns. Their most appreciated feature is the ability to run on a computer lacking secondary storage, so even though your computer’s hard drive is corrupted, you can still rescue data by booting a Live CD.

UBCD4WIN is a recovery CD that assists you in repairing your system in critical situations. It’s based on Bart’s PE Builder, but brings extra features to the table, such as network support and the ability to manage NTFS volumes.

UBCD4WIN is a boot disk manager that allows you to create a bootable disk, repair, restore, or diagnose any issues your operating system might have.

After a quick installation, UBCD4WIN will pop up in a centered window. Here you can build an ISO image by pointing to the Windows installation files and destination folder. In addition, you can personalize the bootable disc by adding your preferred files and folder from a specific directory.

The ISO image can be either stored on your local hard drive or directly burned to a CD or DVD. Burning is accomplished via a burning software suite of your choice. UBCD4WIN also comes with various plugins that you can add, configure, enable, disable, and edit.

To sum things up, UBCD4WIN is one of the most reliable boot recovery CDs on the market today. It doesn’t require professional skills and can be successfully used to fix severely crashed operating systems. Nonetheless, it only runs on Windows 2K / XP / 2003, which may cause its popularity level to decrease.

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UBCD4WIN 3.6.0

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