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Ransomware is currently the newest threat when it comes to malware agents, gaining notoriety due to its behavior: asking for money in return for your files (basically, blackmail),

Unfortunately, many kinds of ransomware have evolved, each having its own characteristics. However, all follow the same principle: find a way to infiltrate the target's computer, identify files that are surely worth something to the PC owner (like a private photo or document with bank account info), lock the files in such a way to make sure that person cannot regain access, then leave a message behind with instructions on where to send money in order to get the files back.

Some popular types of ransomware are CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Bad Rabbit, Petya, and WannaCry. Luckily, antimalware companies quickly reacted to the danger of ransomware, integrating antiransomware tools into their premium antivirus applications.

Some of them even created independent tools which solely focus on blocking ransomware, which you can check out in this hub. All these products are straightforward and easy use by anyone, having only features for blocking ransomware. Please keep in mind that they won't work if you've already been hit by ransomware (we have another hub for that).



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Ransomware Defender

Ransomware Defender 4.2.3

Monitors your PC to block ransomware agents, featuring three scan modes for on-demand scans, quara...

Mar 7th 2020, 14:07 GMT
Windows XP / Windows XP 64 bit / Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit
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ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

A security tool specifically designed to fight against ransomware attacks, preventing threats from...

Jan 31st 2022, 23:06 GMT
Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit
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Ransom Buster

Ransom Buster

Put a strong barrier between your computer and ransonware attackers by resorting to this lightweig...

May 19th 2018, 07:41 GMT
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit
  • 2.69 MB
McAfee Ransomware Interceptor

McAfee Ransomware Interceptor

Keep ransomware at bay using McAffee's application that silently runs in the systray and has a whi...

Oct 16th 2017, 08:04 GMT
Windows All
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Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business

Keep your computer protected from WannaCry and other ransomware using the real-time engine of this...

Nov 8th 2021, 06:12 GMT
Windows All