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Control computers remotely with the help of this straightforward app that incorporates a chat and many configuration options for secure and hassle-free sessions

Remote Desktop

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Controlling computers remotely has become a casual operation once users have grown accustomed to the comfort and possibilities it brings about.

As for the software utilities allowing you to initiate such a connection, they are a dime and a dozen, and the good news is that they have started to cover a broader portion of the public, catering to the needs of both advanced users and novices. Remote Desktop is an application targeting especially the latter, being a tool focused on transparency and overall ease of use.

Lets you securely connect to remote PCs

As said, the program’s main purpose is to help you share your screen and control PCs remotely for collaborative purposes, all without having to interact with puzzling controls. In fact, the app is easy to install, and its GUI is neat enough for anyone to figure it out in a matter of minutes.

You simply need to ensure the program is installed on both the PC you are currently working on and the one you want to access, with SSL encryption guaranteeing your privacy.

Simplifies the authentication via invitation links

Once you run the application, a computer ID and password are generated, and you can provide them to anyone you want to share your desktop with. In case you find this operation inconvenient, you can turn to invitation links, which enable you to start a connection via the browser.

We should, however, clarify that the remote session is not initiated within the browser, but that the login details are incorporated in the URL, basically allowing you to skip the authentication process.

It is important to mention that you have full control over the parameters of the remote connection. You can thus mute or unmute sounds, or communicate with your collaborators via an integrated chat.

Well-balanced app for remote control and collaborative tasks

Aside from that, a series of options are available for you to look into so that you can make sure no unauthorized connections are initiated. You may, for instance, ask the app to prompt you whenever an incoming connection is started and specify whether connected PC can actively participate in your operations or they can simply view your screen.

On an ending note, Remote Desktop is a capable desktop-sharing program that boasts an intuitive appearance, which should have great appeal to inexperienced users. However, that is not to mean that the app comes with a limited set of features since it manages to offer numerous configuration options for you to indicate the type of connection you want to allow.

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Remote Desktop

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